Tuesday, 23 December 2014

New Years Eve

Hey everyone,

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !
Yeah, we know! We’re hopeless. But we can explain… Second year university assignments got #craycray. Not to mention, also balancing a part-time job, pilates and partying (okay we lied about the partying but it started with a ‘p’ #alliteration) the blog regrettably got pushed aside. But… we are back once again for the summer. We are not going to make any promises in the New Year about keeping to a blogging schedule but we will try to post once a week over the holidays. Now on to today’s post…

Since the New Year is right around the corner, we thought it was fitting to share some NYE outfit inspo on our first post back. Not only does NYE bring thoughts of kissing Jake T Austin as the clock strikes midnight (duh, we’ve seen the film) but it also oozes glitz and glam of the sequin kind (unfortunately not of the Swarovski kind #sadface).

Dress - PrincessPolly.com, Shoes - Rubi Shoes
I first wore this dress on my eighteenth birthday but decided it deserved a feature on the blog. Plus, it is perfect for a more formal event, like a glitzy New Years Eve party. I probably won’t be wearing it this year, as I am yet to receive my invite from Mr. Styles (#inmydreams). I love how the dress has a tulle layer underneath the skirt making me feel like a princess. The intricate beading and ribbon flower detailing makes it all the more special and sparkly for NYE. I also love how the dress cinches in at the waist, highlighting the feminine silhouette. To finish it off I kept the outfit simple with cream wedges and no accessories (ignore my brown hair tie/elastic).

Top - Bardot, Skirt - Myer

It’s just not NYE without a bit of sequins… or a lot in my case. This sequin skirt is perfect for almost any New Years Eve event, whether it be a house party, a trip to the casino or a celebratory gig. Paired with one of my wardrobe staples, a black t-shirt with sheer detailing, it screams, “come at me NEW YEAR!”. Throughout the festive season sequin skirts are rampant in all the high street stores, so I suggest grabbing yourself one for an effortlessly glamorous outfit option. Just a basic top and a pair of your favourite heels and your outfit is good to go!

On another note if you are looking for a way to capture the memories you make in 2015 we did a post last year on a unique way to do this, check it out
Also, tell us in the comments below what you plan to wear to bring in 2015!!

Love and best wishes for 2015,
Reb-Elle xx

Friday, 15 August 2014

The Perfect Winter Staple: OnePiece Jumpsuits

Jumping for joy in our OnePieces because they are that comfortable.
Hey Everyone

Wow... it has been a looooooong time since we last blogged (over a month ago! Sorry!). We totally sucked at keeping to our blogging schedule but between flying interstate, work and university we have gotten, unexpectedly, a lot busier. However, hopefully we’ll try our hardest to blog as often as we can during semester two of university. We have shot heaps of outfit posts so it’s just finding the time to post them.  

Anyways, here in Australia it is winter and so the weather has been a bit chilly. During these cold wintery days there is nothing that we can think of that beats lounging around your home – reading a book, watching a moving, browsing the internet or sipping a hot chocolate – in a jumpsuit by OnePiece. In fact, on one occasion, we maaaaay have ventured outside our house wearing our OnePiece jumpsuits (we’re totally living that #slackerlife).

I am in love with my OnePiece jumpsuit (seriously, it’s amazing). Apart from being ‘handmade by Harry Styles’ I love this particular OnePiece because I am obsessed with the colour navy. The navy makes me justify wearing the jumpsuit out because, let’s face it, the colour totally makes it look a tiny bit more like a normal tracksuit (...from a distance and at a very quick glance).
Ps: In case I do have to venture outside, I decided to bring back some #Haylor (Harry Styles + Taylor Swift) love and team it with my awesome Taylor Swift guitar print Keds (which are probably one of my all time favourite pairs of shoes...LIKE ever!).


It’s no secret that we both love ‘glamming up’ buuut we must admit we can’t resist a bit of "glamming down" (Is that even a thing?...Well, it is now!). For me, glamming down is being comfy whilst still adding a touch of style. What better way to do that than with a OnePiece? I mean, all the celebs do it, right? Being a lover of all things pink, it was only natural for me to opt for a bright pink OnePiece! I feel it’s necessary to add that splash of colour to those winter days when the clouds have masked any sign of brightness from the sky! So basically, if you love your trackies and hoodies but want to add a unique twist to your “glamming down” attire, I suggest you go grab yourself a OnePiece and join us in the #slackerlife!

'Cause everyone needs a hoodie that they can fully zip up.

Check out some of the amazing prints and styles on their website and tell us in the comments below which jumpsuit by OnePiece is your favourite? :)

Reb-Elle xx

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Grease Is The Word...

Grease Is The Word

Gretel Scarlett as Sandy

Rob Mills as Danny

Hey Everyone,

Sorry we didn't end up posting yesterday for our Friday post (yes, already not sticking to our schedule but we have a good excuse, we swear)... we went to Grease: The Musical!! Instead, we decided to blog today so that we could post about our night.

Who doesn't love a good musical?...Singing, dancing and acting (the triple threat)! For a fair while, we have wanted to see a musical together. When we heard that Grease was coming to our city we simply could not resist purchasing tickets. For a fun girly evening out we decided to take our mums along too.

Of course, an evening out meant glamming up, ready to rock n' roll. Taking a bit of inspiration from the show, we decided to think pink when it came to our outfits. Ellie rocked a pink coat whilst Rebecca went with a subtle pop of pink in her lip print crop top.

Now onto the show... which was not only cineMATIC, charisMATIC but wonderfully draMATIC (pun intended) kept the audience captivated for the entire evening. Plus, the whole cast was "rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong"-ing awesome because of their high energy and enthusiasm. It truly made us feel like we were part of the graduating class of 1955 at Rydell High.

A special mention to Gretel Scarlett and Rob Mills who didn't disappoint in portraying the iconic characters of Sandy and Danny. Rob had that perfect Zuko vibe and cheeky charm, whilst Gretel had that sweet mannerisms that encapsulates Sandy's innocence. Both were vocally outstanding.We also loved how Eugene, played by Eli Cooper, stole the show with his unintentionally humorous antics.

We definitely recommend this show to anyone who is an avid musical lover or is just looking for a fun, up-beat evening out with friends!

Grease Lightning
 Tell us in the comments what is your favourite musical or if you have seen the Grease Musical?

Reb-Elle xx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Our Top Fives....

Hi Everyone,

There have been lots of books, songs, fashion pieces and beauty products which we have been loving recently so we think they deserve a special mention on our blog. If you're on the search for a good read, listen or beauty product to try or you're just wanting some outfit inspo we suggest you have a look at our 'Top Fives'...

"These are a few of our favourite things.."


1. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran:
You've excelled yourself Ed! We can't stop listening to this beautiful song. If you haven't heard this one yet, go have a listen right after you've read the rest of this post!

2. Meet The Vamps - The Vamps:
Ok so this isn't just one song, it's a whole album but we couldn't pick just one! Such an amazing debut album by these four boys!

3. Stay with Me - Sam Smith:
It's been around for a fair while now but we can't stop singing this song! It's definitely one which gets belted out whilst in the shower!

 4. Nobody To Love – Sigma:
 Definitely Bec's jam at the moment! This remix of a Kanye West song has such a fun vibe! We certainly can't sit still whenever we listen to this one! 

5. Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer:
This is definitely one of the stand outs on 5sos' self-titled debut album. This is the next single they will be releasing so we can't wait to see what they come up with next for their video clip (I think these 4 Aussie boys have a pretty good track record on creating awesome video clips!).


1. The Fault In Our Stars – John Green:
This book definitely lived up to the hype. If you haven’t read it yet then you are missing out. It is such a captivating story that consecutively will warm your heart and then break it into a thousand pieces. Warning: tissues will be necessary.

2. #GIRLBOSS – Sophia Amoruso:
Reading this book makes you want to dream big and kick butt. The cute illustrations, quotes and inspiring profiles of numerous #girlbosses make the book so easy and enjoyable to read. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for motivation, a kick-in-the-butt or just genuinely wants something a bit different to read.

3. Little Women – Louisa May Alcott:
This is a classic American novel which follows the lives of four girls as the make the transition from childhood to adulthood, set in the 1800’s. This book is Rebecca’s all-time favourite book because the storyline will take you back in time on an emotional rollercoaster. The novel will have you bursting with Joe’s rebelliousness, Meg’s womanhood, Beth’s selflessness and Amy’s charm.

4. Teen Vogue Handbook:
This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants a career in fashion. It is a lot of valuable advice and the layout is super easy to read and follow. We loved the amazing images as well as the interviews from successful fashion designers, writers, stylists, models and photographers.

5. 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion - Harriet Worsley:
This book was an interesting read which presented key moments in fashion in a simple and clear layout. It is a great coffee table type book which is not only perfect for fashion lovers but because of the unique and interesting layout is quick and straightforward enough for people who just want to widen their interests and knowledge.


1. Pastel Pink:
We're both serious lovers of pink and what better way to show our love for the colour than wearing it! In particular, pastel pink has been our go-to recently.

2. Coats:
Where we live it doesn't tend to get super cold, even during winter, so it's difficult to find an excuse to wear a coat. Buuut there's so many pretty styles which we just couldn't resist so we think that's a good enough reason to wear one, wouldn't you agree? 

3. Flippy Skirts:
See you later skater, we're now styling to taste with the drop waist! We used to wear a lot of skater style skirts but at the moment we're loving the look of the flippy skirt. The flippy skirt looks great teamed with a pair of heels, plus they're super fun to give a bit of a twirl in!

4. Check Print:
We definitely love rocking some check print this winter for that 90’s grunge inspired look. For a not-so-subtle look we both love wearing check dresses with black biker jackets and boots. Now that’s check mate.

5. Socks and Sandals:
Okay, so this is a tricky fashion trend which is hard to pull off butttt that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We love a cute sandal with lacy trimmed socks for that extra touch of femininity. Oh, and it keeps the toes nice and warm during these cooler months.


1. Revlon Photoready Bronzer:
We both use this product and it works great if you have a slightly paler complexion. If you've been finding that your foundation makes you look ghostly-white just apply a small amount of this product over your entire face and neck and it should minimise that ghostly complexion without looking unnatural (just make sure not to apply too much!). You can also use it for contouring.

2. Covergirl Lashblast Lengthening Mascara:
(Ellie) I personally love this mascara and have been buying it for a few years now! It never clumps and it's great for everyday use if you just want that extra bit of length on your lashes. I definitely recommend it for those who prefer a more natural makeup look.

 3. Benefit Porefessional Primer:
(Bec) This is definitely my most used primer. I love how the product is easy to apply and leaves the skin looking fantastic, taking away the appearance of pores. It absolutely lives up to its name as a pore-fessional.

4. GHD Hair Straightner:
How could we leave the trusty GHD out of our list of favourites? We just couldn’t. It’s by farrrrr the most reliable device for a quick hair transformation. Whether that means perfectly straight hair, a quick straightening of the fringe (Bec) or loose curls, this is the go-to item for all our daily hair requirements.

5. Fudge Urban 3 in 1 Miracle Moisture:
This stuff literally works miracles on our hair. It is the perfect product which helps keep the ends hydrated, soft and always feeling great. Plus, it doesn’t blow the budget (now that is what we call a winner!).

ell us what you've been loving in music, reading, fashion and beauty?

Reb-Elle xx

Friday, 4 July 2014

Luxe Leather

Hi Everyone,

Recently the weather here in Australia has plummeted into the mid teens (which to us Aussies means freezing cold). The outdoor sunlight in these photographs disguises the fact that the day was actually super chilly (trust us, it’s not always scorching hot down under). Anyway, we decided that the perfect wardrobe staple during the winter months is something leather. There’s just something about leather that screams winter. So, here’s how we teamed up our leather inspired winter looks...

Jeans - Dotti, Shirt - Topshop, Jacket - Dotti, Necklace - Dotti, Boots - Betts

In my opinion there is nothing more versatile than a black leather biker jacket. It literally can quite easily be worn ANY way and reminds me of winter fashion’s version of a
chameleon. Changing its look depending on however you choose to wear it. So, for this outfit I decided to team it with a pair of high waist jeans, a printed button up shirt, a statement necklace and the Chelsea boot.

Okay so… I loooove a good leather look Chelsea boot, and these black ones have literally been my go to shoe this winter. I found them on sale (yes, forcing yourself to browse through the messy sales sections is worth it) for less than half their original retail price (score!) and loved the unique plastic sole which is perfect for trudging through the city on a busy, rainy day (walking into the city before my internship has been so much easier since I purchased these boots).

Also, points to me for matching the love heart print on my shirt with a ‘love’ necklace, right?

Trousers - Dotti, Top - Zara, Shoes - Shoe Show, Bag - Kate Hill

Channeling my inner Sandy from Grease (I must admit, I love a good musical!), I opted for a pair of leather trousers. With the gold zip detailing at the ankles, this spotted, chiffon, Zara top with gold chain seemed like the perfect match. I feel that this outfit brings a touch of elegance to a somewhat rugged material.

Typically, I am quite the girly-girl when it comes to clothes. So whenever I wear a leather item, I like to pair it with a slightly more delicate piece from my wardrobe to create a perfect fashion juxtaposition. To finish off the look, I chose to wear a pair of basic, black pumps (a staple in any girl’s wardrobe!) as I was seeking a more formal look. Who says we have to be living in the 50’s to wear leather trousers? Now where’s my Danny Zuko?

What’s your favourite leather piece in your wardrobe and how do you wear it?

Reb-Elle xx